I’m Vanessa, the founder of Hear Pure. Hearing loss has had a profound impact on my own life and I would like to share with you the journey that led to me opening my first clinic.

I became all too aware of the debilitating effects of hearing loss as a child when my mother suffered from the genetic disease Usher Syndrome which affected her hearing, vision and sense of balance.  The difficulties of hearing her grandchildren motivated her to address her problem. She is now a Hear Pure patient and wears a top of the range Phonak invisible hearing aids.

In my early thirties, and after the birth of my second child, I too found myself faced with the challenges of hearing loss when I was diagnosed with the abnormal bone growth condition otosclerosis, which required a middle-ear stapedectomy operation. Thankfully the procedure restored my hearing, although I am at risk of further problems in the future.

Having first-hand experience of hearing loss, I was struck by the lack of awareness of the problems faced by sufferers but also by the lack of choice available for hearing care.

I quickly discovered there was a demand for a quality provider who could offer a professional yet personal service and so in 2012, the Chester clinic opened, followed by Heswall in 2016 and then Wilmslow in 2017.

We have a fantastic team of professionals who are truly dedicated to what they do and their commitment to helping our patients is heartfelt.

We work closely with our patients and are always delighted when their feedback tells us that we have truly made a difference to people’s lives. A warm welcome awaits you!

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Senior Audiologist

B.Sc. Communication Engineering, RHAD, Micro-suction, Irrigation

  • Career background: Worked in television for nearly 25 years before deciding to change careers and become an RHAD. I trained with Hidden Hearing and worked for Hearing Health and Mobility before running my own business for 7 years. Now in my 12th year as a hearing aid audiologist.
  • What motivates you to want to help people with their hearing? I have had a hearing loss since birth and was always interested in hearing and what caused my loss. Since completing my training, I have attempted to help those with hearing difficulties to hear better.
  • What does your role involve? I am responsible for carrying out audiograms and prescribing hearing aids for patients who have a hearing loss. I also take impressions of ears for moulded ear defenders, perform tinnitus assessments and of course wax removal.
  • Favourite part of your work?Wax removal, everybody leaves with a smile because they can hear again!
  • What are your interests? How do you relax? I follow rugby, supporting England in the internationals, and RGC1404 in the Welsh Championship.
Hear Pure clinic at Wilmslow *** Local Caption *** Hear Pure clinic at Wilmslow


Hearing & Aural Care Specialist

Ultimately, I care about communication. I love people and I love conversation, and until I came into this job I didn’t realise how much.

I was approached to pursue an opportunity to train in audiology. I researched the role and was keen to embark upon a new path, as following the completion of my degree in 2014 I was becoming disheartened with my career prospects in Early Years Education.

I knew I could manage my time sufficiently to study and work at the same time as I had done it before; and soon, it became apparent that my modules of study at university, along with my previous work experience facilitated the ease of which I settled into audiology life!

I have worked for a national organisation and was able to learn fundamental clinical skills, along with key elements of the wider business. Later, I was responsible for coordinating a project which lead to the business gaining a vital and reputable accreditation, this experience enabled me to appreciate the importance of quality in audiological patient care.

I love counselling patients as part of their care plan to assist them to experience the positive benefits of wearing a hearing aid, as well as talking to family members about the advantages for their loved ones. My aim is to educate and inform about hearing loss, and help my patients and their families enjoy conversation, socialising, family time and their working life. Similarly, educating patients of the less obvious benefits of finding an effective hearing solution, such as improving concentration, feeling more independent and confident as well as feeling less tired.

Patient care is always at the heart of my practice and ensuring I listen to my patient affirms that together we can improve their wellbeing and daily life.

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Customer Assistant

What motivates you to want to help people with their hearing?

Hearing loss is a terrible isolator for many people. Not all, but many are affected eventually and the very elderly especially.  At a time when relatives, for many, are dispersed further a field and social occasions fewer the simple ability to be able to engage in conversations, use the telephone  hear the TV and feel included and engaged is so important to maintain a good standard of general and mental wellbeing together with the continued ability to live an independent life which is so important. Deafness can be as debilitating and restrictive as blindness in many ways but it doesn’t have to be with the right care.

What does your role involve?

To be the friendly face at first point of contact at Hearpure Heswall. To listen and help with patience and understanding.

Book appointments for hearing tests and wax removal procedures. Coordinate new orders for hearing aids liaising between manufacturer, audiologist and client to assist in the best possible experience that our services can provide for each individual.

To maintain a good archive of records and documents. Update knowledge of new products.General office administrative tasks to ensure a clean, tidy and efficient clinic at all times.

Favourite part of your work?

I love how relationships build with clients overtime and become more like friends who seem to enjoy coming for a chat as much as an appointment. Being part of a person’s journey from frustration and limitation to a much happier place of wellbeing, contentment and improvement is such a joy. No better feeling!

What are your interests? How do you relax?

I like to walk in good weather, travel abroad, enjoy time with my family and 2 year old grand daughter. Gardening is enjoyable and I read a lot.



Hear Pure Clinic at Chester *** Local Caption *** Hear Pure clinic at Chester


Hearing & Aural Care Specialist

Qualifications: HCA Qualified via Anglia Ruskin. Micro Suction Qualified via S P Care Clinic

When did you get into this career?I became involved in the industry nearly 15 years ago when I joined one of the market leaders in hearing aid technology.

How did you get into this career? I fell into this industry completely by chance, however I have never looked back. I had always wanted a career that I felt would be caring profession and that could make a difference to people’s lives. I was due to undergo a medical with the fire service but an unfortunate knee injury only a couple of weeks before resulted in this opportunity being taken away. A little while after having to re-evaluate my options I was offered the chance to work for one the market leaders in Hearing Aid technology, learning many aspects of the profession and the rest as we say is history. A very wise woman once told me that everything happens for a reason and she was certainly right as my injury sent me in another direction, working in a profession that I love.

Why you want to help people with their hearing? To be involved in the hearing profession is an absolute honour. There aren’t too many jobs out there that I feel can have such a significant impact on a patient’s life. Whether its fitting someone with the latest hearing aid technology or a wax removal, the change this can make to someone’s life is truly fantastic. It’s also amazing to see their reaction to our solution, especially after they have struggled with their hearing for a long time.

What you do now? Help our patients, Within my role as a Hearingcare and aural specialist I aim to give our customers the highest level of customer care possible. Our hearing is one of the greatest gifts we have and for someone to put this into our care means a lot.

Ensuring we give the best hearing advice, ear treatment, hearing solutions and aftercare whilst being understanding, caring and showing empathy is really important to me. I believe that every customer should be treated in the same way that I would expect one of my loved ones to be treated by a professional service. This is why you will always get the highest level of care from myself or any of our team from Hear Pure.