At Hear Pure we pride ourselves on being a clinically lead hearing healthcare provider. You can arrange an appointment privately without a referral and we offer a full service to both new and existing hearing aid wearers including Phonak, Widex, Oticon and Siemens. We also accept ENT and GP referrals to our NHS and private hospital clinics.

Whether you suffer from hearing loss or have a hearing related problem, we guarantee you will receive comprehensive and impartial advice on your hearing and all the products we offer.

With our experience in hearing and patient focus, we will make sure you receive expert care not only during your initial visit, but for the duration of your hearing aids. Our team of highly skilled audiologists are all BSc qualified, and experienced in clinical care.

Our hearing aids start from £495, and finance plans are available. We also offer 30 days free hearing aid trials, with no deposit required. For more information on our hearing aids, click here.

What to expect from our three-step process:

Initial consultation

We evaluate your hearing and establish your individual hearing profile. We then develop and agree a personal plan based on your needs.

The fitting

We recommend and fit the chosen hearing aid and set the initial hearing programme. We then discuss what to expect from the adaptation period.

Follow up appointment

We will discuss and evaluate your initial experiences. Based on those we may make some adjustments to your hearing aids. We will also arrange your next appointment.

Other services