GN Resound Hearing Aids

GN Resound Hearing Aids

One of the world leading manufacturers of hearing aids, using the latest 3D modelling and laser crafting techniques for maximum precision and high quality hearing devices.

Their hearing instruments provide excellent sound quality, offering innovative solutions and were the first company to bring us true open-fit hearing aid solutions.

GN Resound uses smart technology to combine the needs of the individual’s hearing, with their lifestyle requirements to help you connect to the world around you.

  • Smart Audiology – “Sound is our science, nature our inspiration and Surround Sound by ReSound™ the name we have chosen for our unique sound processing philosophy”
  • Smart Design – “We push the boundaries for what is possible in terms of modern form, flexible function and increased durability”
  • Smart Connectivity – “We can help you stream all the sound that matters. With Made for iPhone and ReSound Unite™, we can, in some cases, even give you hearing advantages over people without hearing loss”
  • Smart Apps – “We think there is no better use for an app than to simply and intuitively interact with the hearing aid responsible to enhance one our most fundamental senses – our hearing”

ReSound Enzo2 hearing aid

GN ReSound’s hearing aid range

Entry Level

  • Enya – The discreet, durable design of the ReSound Enya delivers excellent sound quality and speech understanding, also with the option to control your sound experience through the iPhone App. The ReSound Enya boasts clear speech, convenient use with ear-to-ear communication, and an overall comfortable listening experience.

Lower Mid Range

  • LiNX2 5 – This device gives everyone the same opportunities to connect and engage, by using technology that adapts to your life. The specialised Smart App for iPhone connects straight to your hearing aid, enabling direct stereo streaming. This means you can stream any sound through your hearing aids, which is corrected precisely to accommodate for the severity of your hearing loss.

  • Enzo 5 – The ReSound ENZO is designed specifically with those suffering from profound hearing loss in mind. It helps you experience the clearest and most vibrant quality sound, reducing background noise to allow ease of use in particularly crowded places. Connectivity to the Smart App for iPhone allows you to personalise and control your sound and overall hearing experience. The robust design protects it from moisture, wax and dust to make it the perfect everyday hearing device.

Upper Mid Range

  • LiNX2 7 – A step up from the LiNX2 5, this model has the added features of 14 different channels and incorporates Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense to give you top-rated sound quality that requires less effort to hear as it supports your brain’s natural ability to process sounds. The discreet design is constructed from high-quality, durable materials and uses new SureFit technology to ensure comfort and sound quality.
  • Enzo 7 – Features 17 channels and offers considerable noise reduction for a more personalised listening experience. It is also part of GN ReSound’s Made for iPhone Range, and offers programs such as Synchronized SoftSwitching which pucks up sounds from all around you and then focusing on and highlighting speech.


  • LiNX2 9 – In addition to all of the features offered in the LiNXthe premium model in the range also includes a strong noise reduction, for a more comfortable listening experience in particularly loud environments, by reducing the effort it takes to listen and minimise background noise.
  • Enzo 9 – What makes the Enzo 9 different to the Enzo 7 is it provides a cleaner, more personal listening experience thanks to its stronger noise reduction features. It also features Binaural Directionality to help two hearing aids both focus on the correct direction of speech, in order to best highlight the voice that matters the most.

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