Starkey Hearing Aids

starkey hearing aids

“Alone we can’t do much. Together, we can change the world.” – William F. Austin, founder.

Starkey Laboratories Ltd is a market leader in the manufacturing of hearing aids. Their thorough research, development and innovation has led to them creating a series of industry firsts, such as the first canal hearing aids with the CE-5 in 1982, and the first ever completely-in-canal hearing aid, the Tympanette, released in 1992.

The company has continued to grow and advance on technology ever since, and are dedicated to connecting people and changing lives. They acknowledge that every hearing-aid fitting can be a life changing opportunity, which is why they ensure that they cater for just about everyone, no matter their type or severity of hearing loss.

starkey hearing aids

Starkey’s hearing aid range

Entry Level

  • Z series i20 – The ideal choice for those who need help with hearing in one to one conversations, where the listening environment won’t usually be as challenging as some. The hearing aid operates Starkey’s 900 sync wireless technology to seamlessly connect both hearing aids and help them work together for 3D sound quality. The i20 also includes other basic features from the range, such as directional microphones which automatically focus on the sounds around you without picking up background noise, and a level 2 program which detects noise or wind and then adjusts itself to work best with the environment.
  • Z series i30 – A small step up from the i20, the i30 carries all the same features, with a few added benefits such as an extra 2 channel bands, to make it perfect for those who are looking for an all-rounder hearing aid to wear at home, work on quiet social situations.

Lower Mid Range

  • Z series i70 – More suitable for someone who often finds them in a variety of different situations, whether that be outdoor activities or social gatherings, the i70 has 8 channels to adjust and ensure great sound quality no matter the occasion. As opposed to the basic acoustic scene analyser built-in to the lower spec models, the i70 has a level 2 program which can detect changes in sounds and volume to make the suitable adjustments. The device also has added features of an IQ boost which allows the user to control background noise reduction, and Voice IQ2 which will focus on speech sounds to make them clearer in noisy situations.
  • SoundLens 70 – The world’s smallest hearing aids, which fits deep into the canal, and boasts all of the great features of Starkey hearing aids. These include 8 channels, a mild noise reduction solution and the ability to detect 5 different listening environments, in order to adapt the settings to suit.

Upper Mid Range

  • Z series i90 – The second most powerful hearing aid in the Z series range, and holds 12 different channel bands which provide brilliant sound quality. The i90 uses advanced technology which helps it to clarify speech and sound in noisy environments, making it perfect for users who find that they have an active and busy social life.
  • Halo i90 – Part of Starkey’s ‘Made for iPhone’ range, which can connect directly to the devices to help improve the clarity of phone calls, as they can be streamed directly into the hearing aid. The device also has considerable noise reduction, as well as moderate machine and wind noise reduction for working or outdoor environments. The huge list of benefits of the Halo i90 also include the latest feedback algorithm, PureWave Eliminator, to reduce any whistling from the device.
  • SoundLens 90 – Just as small as the SoundLens 70, this device still has the discreet factor, while also packing in so much more. This includes an additional 4 different channels, along with the ability to detect 6 different listening environments for a more personalized experience, and moderate noise reduction.


  • Z series i110 – For somebody who works in a noisy environment, or find that they’re often in noisy public places, the Z series i110 provides all of the features needed for clean and easy listening in challenging environments. Its acoustic scene analyser is programmed to the top level 5 for a more effective reduction of background noise and focus on the speech that you want to hear.
  • Halo i110 – Starkey’s most technologically advanced ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aid carries all of the same features as the i90, but taken up a level. This includes strong noise reduction (wind and machine noise included), strong expansion and 16 different channels.