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At Hear Pure, your hearing needs are our priority at all times….for a lifetime

How you hear in every day situations can be challenging. It could be when you’re out shopping, with your family in conversation, sat eating with friends, or even just sat watching the TV.  When you’re straining to hear, that can be really tiring and frustrating for you.

With hearing solutions to suit any budget, starting from just £495 per aid, or £990 for a pair of in the ear or behind the ear devices – there are options you can try.

At a Free Hearing Assessment, you can discuss with us just where your frustrations are and what you expect if you were to try out a hearing aid.

A free hearing aid trial gives you the opportunity to see how you get on for a while, experiencing your life with these incredible new devices and making sure we provide you with the best technological programming to maximise your hearing quality of life.

“Don’t bother with the big chains…”

“Don’t bother with the big chains, come to Hear Pure for a friendly, personal and professional service. I have recently purchased new hearing aids from Hear Pure in Heswall. The service I received from appointment booking through testing and sales follow up has been a truly pleasurable experience. All the staff I have dealt with have choosing aids, fine tuning to after been unfailingly friendly, helpful and professional. I am happy to recommend Hear Pure, Heswall to anyone needing any help with their hearing”.

Chris Stadames

“I cannot recommend them more highly.”

Paul and his friendly staff were amazing to me. I cannot recommend them more highly. They not only cleared my ear of some stubborn wax but more importantly put my mind at ease and helped me to relax given that I was facing long term tinnitus & potential loss of hearing due to a viral ear infection. I’m still on the road to recovery but have a much more positive outlook thanks to Hear Pure and their encouragement. Thank you Paul, Vanessa & staff .

Lori Reardon

“Attentive and helpful staff”

I have had ear cleaning, then an audiology test and subsequently had new hearing aids supplied and fitted. Attentive and helpful staff – which makes a big difference – thank you”.

John Pringle

Our Friendly and Experienced Team to help with your Hearing


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Request a Free Hearing Assessment

Why choose Hear Pure for your Hearing Aids?

  • Because we have the time to spend with you offering you easy access appointments Monday to Friday

  • We can see you at Home if you’re struggling to get out

  • Your hearing aid trial is free with no cost up front

  • We give you a lifetime of aftercare for free, seeing you for follow ups every six month – but please come in sooner if you need help

  • Your lifetime of free aftercare includes replacement receivers, cleaning your aids and help when you need it with your devices

  • As a local company, we care about helping everyone to hear better

You can try hearing aids from any of these leading manufacturers with Hear Pure for Free

Here are the different hearing aid models you can try

In-the-ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids sit in the outer ear (the working parts are all contained within this earmould) and may be used for a variety of hearing losses.

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

This type of hearing aid sits behind the outer ear and connects via a plastic tube to a custom made earmould that sits in the ear canal and delivers sound into the ear

In the Canal (ITC)

Slightly larger than the completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid but smaller than the in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid

Completely in-the-canal (CIC)

Smaller than ITE aids, CIC hearing aids sit right in the ear canal and are less visible, but are generally less suited to more severe hearing losses.

Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)

Their two piece design allows them to be worn comfortably behind or on top of the ear, whilst a very thin and discreet wire is connected to a tiny receiver (loudspeaker) in the ear canal.

Nano (IIC) Invisible in Canal

Nano, or “Invisible in the canal” hearing aids are the most discreet hearing aids yet. Because of their tiny size and deeper position in the ear canal, they are near invisible when worn. So comfortable in your ear, you can almost forget that you’re wearing one.

IIC hearing aids are the perfect combination of maximum hearing performance and minimum size. It is custom crafted to fit entirely in your ear canal, using computer-aided design and the latest generation of advanced materials. Wearing comfort is guaranteed while consistently delivering outstanding sound quality.

To arrange an appointment, call 01244 311142 or visit one of our clinics.

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