Our newborn hearing screening test helps to identify babies who have permanent hearing loss as soon as possible as in their young lives.

We understand the concerns you may have about your newborn baby and we offer a private hearing test for newborn babies at two of our London Hearing Clinics.

Permanent hearing loss can significantly affect a baby’s development so finding out as early as possible can give babies a better chance of developing proper language, speech, and communication skills.

Two tests are conducted at the appointment.  The first is called the automated otoacoustic emission (AOAE) test. This test takes just 10 minutes. A small soft-tipped earpiece is placed in your baby’s ear and gentle clicking sounds are played. When an ear receives sound, the inner part of the ear (called the cochlea) responds. This can be picked up by the screening equipment. This test is pain free and harmless for your baby.

The second test is the automated auditory brainstem response (AABR) test.  The AABR test involves placing three small sensors on your baby’s head and neck. Soft headphones are placed over your baby’s ears and gentle clicking sounds are played. This test takes between 5 and 15 minutes. Again this test is painless and causes no discomfort to your baby.

Results of your baby’s hearing test will be given to you as soon as the test(s) are finished. If your baby has a clear response in both ears, they are unlikely to have permanent hearing loss.

Please note, the newborn hearing test doesn’t pick up all types of permanent hearing loss. Children can also develop permanent hearing loss later on in life, so it is vital to check your child’s hearing regularly as they grow up.

If the screening test results do not show a clear response from one or both of your baby’s ears, we will discuss this with you in detail at the appointment with further recommendations.

To make an appointment with our Paediatric Hearing Specialists, please call our head office on 0845 299 6331 or email info@hearpure.com