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hear pure audiovestibular & balance clinic

Vestibular disorders can often be debilitating and very unpleasant, causing a sense of unsteadiness, nausea, vomiting, falling over and a fear of heights. The Hear Pure Balance Clinic is a specialist centre that has a record of providing thorough assessments using state of the art equipment for our comprehensive tests.


We specialise in subjective as well as physiological tests such as computerised posturography and dynamic visual acuity. Structured vestibular function testing will be undertaken where appropriate, including computerised dynamic visual acuity testing during rotations included in the test for signs of imbalance reactions. The examination will also include tests of cognitive function and evaluation by an Audiologist where relevant.


Our Balance Clinic is a private clinic and all appointments are to be paid for at the time of booking.  Here are a list of all our tests and the fees.


The Vestibular Nerve-Vestibulocochlear (VNG) tests the function of the inner ear as it compares eye movements. The series of tests assesses the function of both the vestibular and cochlear nerves. The VNG test is comfortable and relaxing, which reduces anxiety and helps you focus on the movement of your eyes. The test can last 1.5 hours."



This test is to diagnose the reduction in vestibular function in one ear vs the other.  The test involves accelerating and decelerating the head, moving the head rapidly and then stopping it. The Claimant will wear goggles with a camera to capture the eye movement during testing.  This assesses all the vertical canals.



VEMP testing is the assessment of functional integrity of the otolithic structures in vertigo patients. It complements existing methods of vestibular assessment which are mainly based upon canal function.


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