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If you're looking for a great new hearing aid, we've got you covered. We'll be reviewing the top 3 rated and newest hearing aids on the market ready for 2022. This is your chance to find out what's hot and before investing your hard-earned money! Plus, we'll cover some of the most popular features that are available such as Bluetooth technology, noise cancellation, etc. 

Remember, wearing a hearing aid is a unique experience to you only.  Studies have shown that people who treat their hearing loss not only hear better, but they also lower the risk for serious health issues such as dementia and cognitive decline.

Oticon Ruby Hearing Aids

best hearing aids for 2022


Rechargeable In The Ear Hearing Aids are definitely the way forward.  Especially if you struggle handling fiddly hearing aids

Meet the world’s first wireless custom rechargeable hearing aids.
The Starkey Livio sits completely in your ear, so they won't get tangled or pulled off when wearing any kind of mask and help you hear what people say with masks on! They come equipped with multiple color options that allow for discretion as well as showing off to friends just how cool new technology can be. With up-to 24 hours worth charge time available per single battery charge - these are perfect all day long solutions without having worry about running out at a bad time while out and about.

Built-In Artificial Intelligence

Worlds First Ever Custom-Molded Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Discreet, Comfortable & Convenient

Bluetooth connectivity and an app for easy control on the go!

Starkey Livio Rechargeable ITC.png
Oticon More Bluetooth.jpg


The feedback we have from our patients already on the More is really positive.  There is a big improvement on the sound quality between the OPN (not the OPN S) to the More.  We couldn't recommend an upgrade more highly than this.


One of the most exciting features is a dedicated music programme – Oticon MyMusic – immersing you in live or streamed music and it's easy to activate using the Oticon ON app on your phone.  Other features include Tinnitus Treatment, Remote Connectivity for us to adjust your aids without you coming to clinic, you can use your mobile phone to adjust your aids and rechargeable batteries for ease!

In our 10 years of helping people hear, we've found Oticon to be reliable and give us the best patient feedback.

Here's a few of Oticon More's features:

• You can hear the people you are looking at very well, helping you follow conversations

• You can hear other people speaking around you far more easily – so you don’t have to turn your head and can naturally move between different conversations

• You can be more easily aware of the other things happening around you, like people calling for your attention, or birds singing

• You can get clearer sound much more quickly each time the sound environment changes. 



The Oticon Ruby packs a powerful punch for the Budget Aid range and it's suitable for mild through to severe hearing loss.

We always encourage you to get the best hearing aid you can afford - and if your budget is £1200, then this is the hearing aid for you.  It comes in all the different models to include an invisible in the canal right the way through the different sized in the ear hearing aids - the Oticon Ruby is also available as a Receiver In the Ear style.  

Oticon Ruby miniRITE T is discreet and easy to operate with a convenient double push button for volume and programme control. Featuring Bluetooth technology, Oticon Ruby miniRITE T offers seamless connectivity to your favourite devices. It also features a built-in telecoil for enhanced listening in public settings with loop systems, such as the theatre or cinema.

Oticon Ruby Hearing Aids_edited.png
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