What is a CERA test?

A CERA or Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry is an objective hearing test, usually carried out on babies or children that records the signals from the auditory cortex.

Why would my child need a CERA Test?

If a young infant or a child who is difficult-to-test has a hearing loss, it is difficult to know from observing their behaviour whether hearing aids have been fitted and adjusted optimally. Cortical evoked response audiometry can be used to test hearing without requiring an active behavioural response and consequently are ideal for evaluating the responses to speech at normal spoken levels in young infants or difficult-to-test children.

What does a test involve?

Three small sensors (electrodes) are attached to the surface of your child’s head with surgical tape and paste or gel. The electrodes do not cause discomfort but it is possible that this procedure may cause a little reddening of the skin that may last for 24 hours because we stick the electrodes on with a kind of sticky tape. While this is safe, the reddening may occur from peeling them off much like when you remove a band-aid

The CERA appointment takes approximately two hours to complete and you’ll be asked to bring a book so you or your child can be as relaxed as possible during the test.  It involves placing electrodes behind the ears and on your head and these are then connected to the computer. A series of tones at various loudness levels are then produced to help us analyse the responses..

We have a network of audiologists at select locations in the UK and we also perform CERA tests for ENT Consultants, Solicitors and Medico-Legal agencies.

To find out if we have a clinic near you, please call our head office on  01244 311142 or email info@hearpure.com

Request a CERA Test

If you would like a CERA test, we would love to help you. Simply fill out the appointment request form and a member of our team will call you back to make arrangements with you.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01244 311142 or send us an email at info@hearpure.com

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