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Monum Sabir BSc
Audiologist & Ear Care Specialist

Our certified specialist trained in the NHS and is a HCPC registered Audiologist, a fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist and trained in ear wax removal for irrigation and also micro-suction. 

👂Why Choose Hear Pure Cheadle for your Ear Wax Removal in Cheadle?👂


Your journey begins with a friendly consultation where we listen to your concerns and discuss your specific needs. We're here to answer all your questions and address any doubts you may have.

Gentle Removal

Using our clinically approved micro-suction or irrigation equipment, our skilled audiologist will carefully and gently remove the excess ear wax, allowing your ears to breathe freely again.

Clarity of Sound

Feel the joy of clear, unobstructed hearing. Experience the world around you in a whole new way, with vibrant and natural sound.

Ongoing Care

Our commitment doesn't end with the procedure. We provide you with valuable aftercare advice to ensure your ear health remains at its best.

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