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hearing aids at hear pure chester

How would you like to know that when you call into our clinic, you will be getting the best possible price on your Hearing Aids after having your FREE Hearing Test?  How would you like to enjoy an exceptional patient experience and know that when you telephone, your calls will be answered?  Would you like to experience how good your hearing can be with brand new technology that’s prescribed to your specific hearing needs?


Welcome to Hear Pure Discount Hearing Aids in Chester.  We’ve been in Chester since 2012 and have helped countless patients like you or your loved ones, looking for an incredible service at the best possible prices.  We will always recommend the very best brand new technology for your budget and we will always recommend that you get the best you can. To find out more about hearing aids in Chester explore our website.


Our hearing aids start at £990 a pair and we do not offer substandard hearing aids.  We keep in stock instant fit discreet rechargeable le hearing aids.  If you prefer invisible or rechargeable in the ear hearing aids, they only take a couple of weeks to be made.


We are not held in contract to any of the big hearing aid manufacturers including Oticon, Starkey, Signia, Phonak, Widex & Unitron.  We are only biased in offering the best hearing aid solutions for your budget and not old hearing aid technology.


So book in your FREE Hearing test today – we even have fast same day appointments.  Save Big and Hear More with Hear Pure Discount Hearing Aids, Chester.

Check Your Hearing For Free - Click Here
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