Dear Doctor,


Your patients could not be in safer hands when you refer them to Hear Pure. Here’s what we promise to you and your patient;


High Quality care and excellent customer service. We always provide exceptional customer service.  The only feedback you will have back, is that your patients have been fully supported with all of their Ear concerns and Hearing rehabilitation.


Treat Patients with Respect. Hearing loss is debilitating, linked to dementia and social isolation. A big part of our service is counselling so patients feel understood and supported through their better hearing journey.


Timely Appointments.  We make it easy for patients to make appointments. Patients can book online instantly.  If patients would rather speak to someone, then we can assure you our phones are answered 7 days a week.  Try and call us now to see.


Prompt reports back to you. We appreciate the importance of onward referrals to ENT and referring physicians. We strictly adhered to HCPC and BSA guidelines.  All referable conditions are promptly forwarded to the correct parties within 48 hours.


Willingness to take our fair share of tough cases.  The NHS provides an amazing service which we’re fortunate to benefit from. However there can be cases such as with Tinnitus and singled sided hearing and recognising symptoms such as Acoustic Neuromas.  Every patient is given options for treatment that suit their rehabilitation needs.  Why not ask us for our Success Stories where we have real patient treatment experiences.


Send patients back to you if needed.  We appreciate how busy you are and will only refer to you following HCPC and BSA referable guidelines.


Keep you updated.  Advances in technology are incredible within the field of hearing. If you wish to be kept up to date, we promise to only send you relevant information that will help your practice staff’s knowledge and understanding.


Yours Faithfully,


Managing Director

chester hearing

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