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We price check our hearing aids every week to guarantee we give you the best like for like prices.  Feel free to call us and price check our hearing aids and remember, we only offer the most up to date hearing aid technology - not dated hearing aid technology

Meeting Hear Pure is knowing that you’re well cared for. If your family tell you your TV is too loud, if you find it exhausting trying to hear people when you're in background noise, then you probably need a hearing test.


Our Starkey Evolv Hearing Aids have savings of up to £1000 and represent the best price online anywhere.  We also offer Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids, Oticon More Hearing Aids, Unitron Stride Blu Hearing Aids, and Widex Moment Hearing Aids - all with our 100% best price promise guarantee.  Bring us a hearing aid quote and we will give you a better price.  Remember, all the hearing aids we offer have Bluetooth and even many rechargeable hearing aids - all new for 2022.

So if your hearing aids are quite old, or if your NHS aids don't cut the mustard anymore, or if you're finally wanting to take action on your hearing issues, then it's a fantastic time to book in with your local independent hearing clinic.  We have daily appointments at our hearing clinics in Chester, Heswall and Cheadle.  And remember, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  This means if you don't feel the hearing aids you've chosen are offering you a truly enhanced listening experience, then we will give you your money back.


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