Empower Your Hearing with Hearing Aid Batteries!


Today’s hearing aids are incredibly advanced compared to those of yesteryear, and that includes the batteries that power them. Of course, conventional hearing aids will still require regular battery replacements, but we’ve got you covered.


In most cases, hearing aid batteries will last up to 22 days, but this can vary greatly depending on factors like volume, hearing aid model, how long you wear your hearing aids each day, and more.


We ensure that you always have the right batteries for your hearing aids, and our specialists are happy to replace them for you if you like. Not sure which batteries you need? We can help you find the right hearing aid batteries and even the best possible price and recycle your old batteries. Never let a dead battery compromise your hearing!


Go Further with Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries


In the past, hearing aids used disposable batteries. Today, that’s not the case. Rechargeable batteries are now available for many styles of hearing aid. They can power your device for up to a full day and only take a few hours to recharge. Eliminate waste, save time and money, and stop dealing with the hassle of replacing those disposable batteries!


However, while rechargeable hearing aid batteries are certainly convenient, they do expire, and you’ll need a helping hand when that happens. In most cases, you’ll get about a year of use out of these batteries. We’re here for you, though. Not only can we help you replace those rechargeable hearing aid batteries, but we also offer lithium-ion power packs that deliver a much longer use life – just plug them into the charging station at night and you’ll be ready to go in the morning. In most cases, these systems last up to five years.

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