Need to Repair Your Hearing Aids?


Modern hearing aids are more durable than ever before, able to handle almost anything that life might dish out. However, they’re not indestructible. At HearPure, our specialists are ready and able to handle virtually any type of hearing aid repairs. If we can’t repair it, we’ll work with the manufacturer to have it repaired. Not only that, but we’ll provide you with an accurate estimate on how long the repair will take and even provide you with a temporary hearing aid to use in the meantime. Never let hearing aid repairs compromise your ability to hear!


Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance


Regular cleaning and maintenance are the key to ensuring your hearing aids work properly for years to come. Thankfully, there’s not much to it. You will need to clean the wax off after every use – a tissue is all you need. If there is significant build-up, our technicians can use special tools and cleaning methods to make it as good as new.


Fitting Your Changing Needs with Hearing Aid Adjustments


Your hearing can and will change over time. The good news is that your hearing aids can change with your needs! Even the fit of your hearing aids can be adjusted through new earmoulds and other techniques to eliminate issues like whistling and excessive feedback. Reprogramming your hearing aids can improve sound amplification to combat additional hearing loss, as well.


In most cases, all of these are things we can handle right in our office, which means you spend less time and experience less hassle. We can also help with tube replacement for BTE hearing aid wearers. Note that if a new earmould is needed, it may take up to two weeks to create the earmould.

Need Hearing Aid Repair or Adjustment?

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