How Are Hearing Aids Fitted?

Hearing aids are custom fitted to your ear. However, the first step is actually an in-depth hearing assessment to determine things like the cause and severity of your hearing loss, as well as a hearing test. Your hearing test could change your life! Based on your test results, our expert audiologist will determine the ideal amplification range to make sound audible, as well as the level of compression necessary to avoid loud noises being overamplified and causing pain.

Custom Hearing Aid Fitting

After your hearing assessment, we sit down and discuss factors that will affect the style and type of hearing aid you purchase. Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you regularly spend time in crowded environments? Do you need wireless connectivity?


Based on your answers here, we will suggest specific models, and allow you to see how they feel and fit within your ear. With ITE and BTE models, we take custom earmolds to ensure a perfect fit. Once you have decided on a specific model, our specialist will order it and schedule the programming session.


When your hearing aid arrives, we’ll test the fit of the hearing aid, and then program it. The programming session involves connecting the hearing aid to a computer and calibrating it to ensure optimum sound reproduction and noise reduction.


The final step is placing the hearing aids in your ears and then helping you adjust to wearing them. There’s more to it than just getting accustomed to having them in your ears – you’ll be hearing things again that have been missing from your life for a long time! It may take time for your brain to relearn specific sounds and what they mean, and we will work with you every step of the way, from training you how to use the features to ensuring that you can change or recharge the battery when necessary. We’ll also work with you in an ongoing capacity to ensure that your hearing treatment plan is successful.

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