Hearing loss can affect anyone of any age, but we are better able to deal with the condition today. Dramatic advances in technology and treatment methods allow us to offer hearing loss treatment plans that can help you regain your quality of life and reconnect with loved ones and activities. However, despite those advances, there are still many misconceptions out there about hearing loss that might prevent you or a loved one from getting the help needed.

Myth: Hearing loss is obvious.


Truth: Hearing loss occurs by slow degrees, often over the course of many years. It is not uncommon for those with mild to moderate hearing loss to be completely unaware of the condition. You compensate for the loss by turning up the TV or withdrawing from social situations. If anyone has ever told you that your hearing might be going, it’s time to act.

Myth: Improving your hearing isn’t really all that important.


Truth: Your hearing affects more than just your ability to hear what’s going on in the world. It affects your mental health, your connection with friends and family members, and more. It can be frustrating, but it can also be debilitating, leading to depression and a reduced quality of life. We help you overcome those hurdles. Improving your hearing is always worth it.

Myth: It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get hearing aids.


Truth: Hearing degrades over time. The longer you put off a hearing treatment program, the more impact hearing loss will have on your quality of life and your self-confidence. In fact, auditory depravation is a condition in which hearing loss accelerates the loss of additional hearing. Simply put, the longer you go without addressing the problem, the faster your hearing loss advances. A hearing treatment plan can help, but only if you act in time.

Myth: I can deal with hearing loss just by making things louder.


Truth: Sure, you can turn up the TV or the radio so you can hear better, but that does not address the underlying problem. Only a full hearing treatment program is able to address the fundamental cause of hearing loss and help stop it in its tracks. Plus, cranking up the volume only increases your isolation as family members and friends find other places they want to be.

Myth: I’m not a good candidate for hearing aids.


Truth: Simply put, almost everyone can benefit from hearing aids. The trick is to use the right technology, coupled with the right treatment methods. A hearing treatment plan ensures a custom solution that changes with your needs over time.

Myth: Hearing aids are obvious and people will see them.


Truth: Yes, full-shell hearing aids are pretty visible. But these are only one type available. Newer options are much less visible, and some are almost completely invisible!

Myth: Hearing aids make me look old.


Truth: Hearing aids are used by people of all ages and do not make you look old. In fact, studies show that being able to participate in conversations with friends and loved ones can actually make you feel more youthful, laugh more, and be more joyful, which actually makes you look younger!

Myth: You only need one hearing aid, and that also saves money.


Truth: Yes, buying just one hearing aid may save you money in the short-term, but to really improve your hearing, you’ll need a custom hearing treatment plan and two hearing aids (if you have hearing loss in both ears).

Myth: Hearing aids are just too expensive.


Truth: Hearing aid prices have actually declined. Couple that with additional options available through a hearing treatment plan, and it’s surprisingly affordable to reconnect with your life. And, what price can you put on your quality of life?

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