The Basics

Hearing loss can be debilitating, isolating, and it can degrade your quality of life. However, it can also be difficult to notice as it develops gradually over time. Not sure if you or a loved one may suffer from hearing loss? Take our brief quiz, learn the basics about hearing loss, and find out if hearing loss is a possibility:

  1. I often struggle to hear what someone is saying to me.
  2. In noisy environments, I find it difficult to pick up on conversation with people around me.
  3. I find myself asking others to repeat what they said frequently.
  4. I find social situations difficult because I cannot always follow the conversation.
  5. I often turn the television up so I can hear it, but others tell me the volume is too loud.
  6. I’ve noticed that I hear things better out of one ear than the other.
  7. Someone has told me more than once that I may have a problem with my hearing.

Did you answer yes to more than one of the questions above?


If so, then chances are good that you are suffering from hearing loss to at least some degree.


The good news is that you don’t have to let hearing loss compromise your quality of life or separate you from friends and loved ones!


At Hear Pure, our hearing treatment plans offer custom solutions to help you reconnect with life.

Call us today to schedule your FREE hearing test! It could change your life.

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