If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing, or have become increasingly concerned with your quality of hearing, then it’s important that you book a hearing test.

Hearing tests are crucial when it comes to identifying any possible issues with the ears, and the sooner this is done, the better.

At Hear Pure we offer hearing tests which help us gain an understanding of the severity of your hearing loss, if any. At your hearing test, it’s important you disclose any symptoms you may be experiencing, such as tinnitus, vertigo, pain or hearing loss so that we can get a better idea of the situation.

We will then examine your ears and conduct a series of tests in both ears, as the results can vary – this is called a full audiometric hearing assessment.  We may also conduct a speech discrimination test if necessary. This will help us identify if you have a hearing problem, the severity of the issue and in some cases, the underlying cause.

Once your hearing has been assessed and the results have been collected, we will then discuss your options. Our audiologist is David, and he can advise you which option is most suitable for you and your pocket.  Remember, if your hearing loss is only mild, we may not recommend any immediate action – just a monitoring of your hearing on an annual basis to check if there are any changes.

A lifestyle assessment will help us to decide which is the most suited hearing device, as how you choose to spend your days of leisure and your work life may influence the type of hearing aid needed.

Once a hearing aid has been chosen, you will then be invited back for a fitting & instrument consultation where you will receive your hearing aid and we will programme and show you how to operate it. Following this, we will be on hand to provide ongoing support and advise you on the aftercare of your device.

If you wish to book a hearing test, please contact us.

Request a Hearing Test

If you would like a hearing test, we would love to help you. imply fill out the appointment request form and a member of our team will call you back to make arrangements with you.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01244 311142 or send us an email at info@hearpure.com

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Other Hearing Test Services

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