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Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories

Oticon User Guide

Oticon Remote Control 3.0

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Manufacturer: Oticon

Latest Version: Yes

Battery: 12 months - Requires 2 x AAAA batteries, supplied

Price: £140.00  

Range: Can operate hearing instruments from up to 1.8 metre. 

Oticon TV Adapter 3.0

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Manufacturer: Oticon

Latest Version: Yes

Battery: Main Power Supply

Price: £128.00  

Range: Up to 15 metres.

Compatibility: Opn, Engage, Siya and Xceed hearing aids 

Oticon Wireless Microphone

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Manufacturer: Oticon

Latest Version: Yes

Battery: 5 hours talk time (rechargeable battery)

Price: £197.64  

Range: Up to 15 metres.

Compatibility: *With all software versions of Streamer Pro & Ponto Streamer. 

 (If you have the original Oticon Streamer it must be version 1.4 or later.)

Manufacturer: Oticon

Nominal voltage: 1.45V

Price: £18 (Box of 60)


Oticon Waxguards


Manufacturer: Oticon

Types: Prowax (picture 1) used on all current moulds, Prowax Minifit (picture 2) used on minifit speaker wires which are fitted with a dome, also on custom instruments which are models: Opn, Siya or Zerena.

Price: £5 per pack

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