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Launched in March 2022, the brand new Oticon Zircon is the new affordable hearing aid range from Oticon.  

The new Zircon minmiRITE comes in Rechargeable, Telecoil, and BTE models.  

There are five colours to choose from.


The Zircon is suitable for Slight Hearing Loss through to Profound Hearing Loss.  The Oticon Zircon offers a small and dscreet hearing aid that can stream audio directly from your iPhone, iPad and selected Android devices.  The Zircon is powered by a lithium-ion battery and features a telecoil and a double push button.

This hearing aid provides access to speech in 360 degrees, even in noisy situations

Easier Awareness

This technology makes it easierfor the listener to be aware of what is going on in the surrandings

To give you amazing sound quality whether you are listening to live music or streaming, Oticon have created adedicated program called Oticon My Music

The Oticon Zircon has the following incredible features:

Seamless connectivity

Enjoy a wealth of connectivity opportunities, like streaming music, talking on the phone and using Oticon ON App to control the hearing aids. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it all possible.


Hands-free communication

Make hands-free calls by streaming the sound from your phone or other device directly to your hearing aids, using the microphones in the hearing aids to capture your voice.


Enhanced public experiences

Oticon hearing aids with a telecoil improves your hearing in auditoriums, places of worship, theatres, airports and any other public places with a loop system.


Smart volume and programme control

A convenient double push button makes it easy to control volume and adjust programmes.


Water and dust resistant

Oticon hearing aids are IP68-certified. That means they can withstand humidity and dust.

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