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Phonak AccessoriesCOLLECTION

Phonak Cerustop

Phonak Cerastop.gif

Manufacturer: Phonak

Latest Version: Yes

Quantity: Pack of 8 replacement wax guard filters with fitting tool.

Price: £5.70 

Compatibility: Phonak RIC xReceivers, iSense, Phonak Ambra CIC hearing aids.


Phonak Marvel Waxguards 

phonak marvel waxguards.jpg

Manufacturer: Phonak

Latest Version: Yes

Quantity: Pack of 8 CeruShield Disk Wax filters for Phonak Marvel

Price: £5

Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with Marvel and Paradise SDS 4.0

receivers only. Wax guard should be changed when quality of volume/sound

decreases or if receiver's dirty.


Manufacturer: Phonak

Available Sizes: Right & Left Ear Size 0,1,2 and 3. 

Comprises of: Phonak standard RIC xReceiver wire with a small, a medium and a large open dome.

Price: £27 onwards


Phonak Batteries

battery phonak yellow.PNG
battery phonak brown.PNG
battery phonak orange.PNG
battery phonak blue.PNG

Manufacturer: Phonak


1.Phonak size 13 ORANGE

2.Phonak size 10 YELLOW

3.Phonak size 312 BROWN

4.Phonak size 675 BLUE

Price: £18 for a box of 60.


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