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Can I Get Ear Wax Out Myself?

Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable when you have the feeling that your ears are clogged? Can you not hear as well as usual? This is often because ear wax has built up in your ears. If you think this might be the problem, you should look into what you can do to remove ear wax.

Cotton buds

What Is Ear Wax?

Ear wax is a waxy substance produced by glands inside the outer part of your ear canal — it lubricates and protects the skin from water or dirt entering the canal. This process is entirely natural and keeps your ears working well at all times. When too much wax builds up, however, this can lead to clogged ears. It can also lead to ear infections which can perforate or weaken your ear drum and potentially permanently damage your hearing.

What Are the Signs?

If you think that you might have a buildup of ear wax, you will probably notice some signs and symptoms in your body:

1. You feel as though there is something stuck in your ear.

2. You experience decreased hearing ability and discomfort when you move your head around or when pressure changes occur.

3. Your ears tend to feel warm.

What Causes Ear Wax Buildup?

Several factors cause ear wax buildup. If you want to prevent the problem, you should keep these things in mind:

1. Ear wax production naturally slows down as you grow old, making it easier for your ears to get clogged.

2. Using cotton buds to remove ear wax can also be one of the causes of ear wax buildup. When using them, never insert them into your ears too profoundly. This can cause undue harm and damage to your ears and may lead to infections.

3. Some people may have a case of "ear wax supersaturation," where they produce too much ear wax.

Can You Get Ear Wax Out Yourself?

It is possible to conduct ear wax removal yourself using simple methods.

However, certain risks are associated with these particular methods, as they can be dangerous and may even cause damage to your ears. For example, the use of ear wax sticks or ear candles can cause damage to your eardrum or even to the inner part of your ear canals. There is also a chance that you will experience dizziness when removing the wax. Moreover, the solutions they use may cause an allergic reaction.

Therefore, looking for a professional doctor's help when experiencing ear wax buildup is always recommended.

Book Your Ear Wax Removal Today!

If you are looking for ear wax removal in the Wirral, contact Hear Pure today. We offer expert services regarding ear cleaning and can tailor-make your experience with us to meet your needs.

Our clinic specialises in micro-suction ear wax removal and ear irrigation wax removal. Micro suction is a pain-free procedure that uses a low-pressure device to remove ear wax.

On the other hand, ear irrigation incorporates water placed at room temperature to soften ear wax, enabling the process to take place quickly and effectively. The procedure is quite different from ear syringing, which incorporates the use of syringes designed for delicate medical services.

Schedule our services today, and get the best of our services!

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