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Clear face masks for clear hearing!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

It gets pretty difficult to understand what the other person is saying when he/she is wearing a mask. And it gets even more challenging for a person who has hearing problems as it covers people's mouths and they are unable to decipher what they are trying to say through their expressions and lip movements. Hence, clear face masks is the best solution for this to help people to communicate easily and effectively through these hard times.

Austin who is just 11 years old and is deaf, relies his communication on lip reading and wants to make things better for him and everyone who have hearing solutions. He's encouraging more people to wear face masks with a clear window so their mouths can be seen.

Austin wrote to Boris Johnson asking for his assistance to float the idea and production of clear face masks nationwide. A spokesperson addressed "We recognise that it's a challenging time for everyone, particularly those that have hearing difficulties and as such we have provided guidance specifically designed to make life easier for those who are finding life more difficult."

Austin's mum Justine said if at least key workers, such as doctors and nurses have them, that would "make a world of difference".

What we can do at this very moment is to convince everyone to adopt these and communicate it to others to make these tough times easier for deaf people.

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