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Does Professional Ear Wax Removal Cause Ear Infections?

No! We at Hear Pure follow the guidelines set by the British Society of Audiologists rigorously. This includes cleaning in between patients, sanitising equipment and work surfaces, and using disposable micro-suction probes, speculae and irrigation tips.

So why does an ear infection happen? There are two types are ear infection. Firstly, a middle ear infection is caused by a virus in the middle ear. This is the result of another illness such as a cold or a flue or throat infection. The body's immune system can often fight this off, however a severe infection can be quite painful and require antibiotics right away. A very important addage to this is, do not ignore the infection as it can lead to permanent hearing loss!

Ear wax, or cerumen, is a natural substance produced by the glands in the ear canal to protect and lubricate the ear. Sometimes, however, the wax can build up and cause issues such as hearing loss, discomfort, or tinnitus. An outer ear infection, otitis externa, is relatively common. It is caused by a bacteria or fungal infection within the ear canal. By failing to have your ear wax regularly cleaned out professionally, or the build up of the ear wax itself can cause an ear infection. Also, pushing the ear wax deeper inside your ear canal can cause an infection, and bacteria from your fingers or nails when inserting into your ear canals can cause an infection. Moisture provides an ideal environment for bateria to grow and this is why we emphasize to keep your ears dry following an ear wax removal procedure.

So if you can imagine a fungal infection that is exposed to air, then it will flourish and grow. When there is existing fungus or bacteria behind the ear wax, of course it will flourish and grow and become evident once the ear wax is removed.

To avoid outer ear infections, avoid inserting cotton woold buds and other things into your ears including yoru fingers. Use ear plugs if you swim. And avid getting water, soap or shampoo into your ears when in the shower or bath.

Otomise spray can only be prescribed by a GP so we'd encourage you to obtain this.

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