Reclaiming your quality of life begins with a FREE hearing test. It’s that simple. This is the key to determining the type of hearing loss that is affecting you. There are four primary types of hearing loss, and they include the following:

Conductive Hearing Loss:


Conductive hearing loss can be treated with medication and in-office procedures. It is usually short-term, although some rare cases do require surgery.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss:


The only non-surgical solution to sensorineural hearing loss is to have hearing aids custom fitted. This condition is caused by the loss of small hairs within the cochlea, or when those hairs are damaged.

Mixed Hearing Loss:


In this situation, hearing aids are usually the primary solution, although some patients may require a brief, in-office procedure combined with medication. In rare instances, surgery may be necessary.

Central Hearing Loss:


The primary solution to central hearing loss, which is caused by damage to the central nervous system or by strokes, is auditory rehabilitation.

Hearing Loss Myths: Uncovering the Truth about Hearing Loss