Unitron New and Improved range of Hearing Aids

Unitron’s design philosophy keeps their hearing instrument wearers at the centre of the innovation processes, ensuring they are solving real pain points and improving the entire hearing care experience. In fact, their focus on aesthetics, comfort, and intuitive functionality has earned them six Red Dot Awards – including the most recent in product design for Moxi™ Jump R.

Their newest series i.e. Discover Next 9 is the top technical specification of the Discover Next hearing aid range, which launched July 2020.

The idea behind the Discover Next is that it focuses not just on the words in conversations – but helps those with hearing loss to understand who is talking, where the voices are coming from, what tone they are using and also their emotions.  With their new sound feature, it assists you in hearing better in challenging environments  – even the softest-spoken person will be focused in a noisy atmosphere.

Unitron’s SoundCore technology delivers more than just the sound and words you hear.  It provides you with vital nuances of speech and atmospheric cues to give you a deeper understanding of meaning in conversations.  Making Discover Next one of the most advanced and intelligent platforms in the industry.

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Product Price and Range (Unitron)