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Apart from providing the best healthcare treatment and advice, we are trying our best to be a part of projects which are trying to make a difference in the society by providing their utmost financial and emotional support. And we urge you all to contribute so you can also offer a better, healthier lifestyle to those who are suffering. A couple of these projects are:


This is an independent charity under which British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is trying its best to support thousands of people who are suffering from Tinnitus. Their main objective revolving around a simple idea of a world where no individual suffers through tinnitus. By being the primary source of information and guidance, they are not only giving advice to medical professionals but also facilitating an efficient tinnitus treatment plan through a research programme. Hence, HearPure is committed to support and dedicate all its help to people who are affective by this condition.


2. Hearing Dogs for Deaf

Since 1982, Hearing Dogs for Deaf people has been operating and has managed to create some of the most life-changing dog partnerships by matching uncountable deaf people with the most adorable, trained dogs. This means that thanks to these hearing dogs, a big difference is being made to all these lives of the deaf people who were missing lifesaving sounds otherwise. By creating awareness, this not only gives them a sense of confidence but all the needed freedom and independence, which they were longing for and also save their lives by alerting them about dangerous noises i.e., fire alarms at the middle of the night. Hence, HearPure is contributing towards building more working hearing dog partnerships!

3. Lady Taverners Chester

Under this project, multiple indoor schools and outdoor clubs are creating cricket competitions for girls, providing them a lifetime chance to get into this sport. With continued investment in vital facilities and equipment,all these young girls, who are either living in high level of poverty across the UK or are disabled, will get a lasting impact on their lives. This will not only help them to experience a new phase of life with such ‘sporting chances’ but will also give them the opportunity to pave a path towards local clubs and development programmes, and transition to become more efficient team players – bringing a ray of hope to their dull lives.

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4.Retinal Pigmentosa Society

This project is basically a patients' organisation which is working to find all the treatments for this condition. Not only they have become the providers of very important and useful information regarding this but also supporting all its members by providing services through the website, newsletters, helpline and many other sources. BRPS is funding around £0.5 million research alone, annually. And this organisation comprises of 2500 members with a wide network of 20 branches in the UK.

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