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Start your journey to Pure Hearing today with our affordable hearing services.

If you are concerned about your hearing, or if your family have mentioned you seem to be missing out on conversation, and perhaps you’re struggling to hear when you are out in noisy places, then we can help you with a free hearing assessment and impartial advice.

You might be surprised to find out that unlike the leading high street places, we offer a  price match promise, without any compromise whatsoever on our high end quality service.

Whether you suffer from hearing loss or have a hearing related problem we guarantee you will receive comprehensive and impartial advice on your hearing and the best hearing rehabilitation tailored for you, whether it’s hearing aids, ear wax removal, tinnitus management or hearing protection.

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Hearing Tests

Professional, Comprehensive hearing tests and hearing aid assessments for adults and children

 Hearing Aids

We supply high quality hearing aids from all leading manufacturers.

childrens hearing tests

Children’s Hearing Tests

Book a Free Hearing Test for your child at any of our clinics today.

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 Ear Wax Removal

We offer an easy, pain free ear wax removal service in most of our clinics

We want you to hear your family, hear your friends, and not feel like you can’t socialise in your favourite places.

With our experience in hearing and patient centred care, our purpose is to help you every step of the way, from your initial consultation, through to your fitting appointment and staying with you for a lifetime of hearing aftercare.

We are a small independent hearing healthcare provider with clinics in Chester, Heswall and Wilmslow.  We have fast same day appointments Monday to Friday, or we can offer you a home visit if you are struggling to get out.  Remember, our advice is free and if your hearing loss is only mild, you may not need to do anything just yet.  By you just calling us to find out, you’re taking the very first step.  We’re here to help.

We have a fantastic team of professionals who are truly dedicated to what they do and their commitment to helping our patients is heartfelt.

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Senior Audiologist

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Hearing & Aural Care Specialist

Hear Pure Clinic at Chester *** Local Caption *** Hear Pure clinic at Chester


Hearing & Aural Care Specialist

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Customer Assistant

“A lovely welcoming clean environment with professional staff”

“What a fabulous service offered here. A lovely welcoming clean environment with professional staff. Never again will i have my ear wax removed with water. A painless effective and affordable quick procedure. Excellent.”

Carole Smith

“An amazing, fast and efficient service”

“An amazing, fast and efficient service. I would recommend Hear Pure to anyone. thank you for giving me back my hearing”

Shelagh McMinn

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