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Start your journey to Pure Hearing today with our affordable hearing services.

We are a clinical hearing healthcare provider with clinics and audiologists throughout the UK. You can arrange an appointment directly with us without a referral and we offer a full service to both new and existing hearing aid users, including Phonak, Widex, Oticon and Siemens. We also accept ENT and GP referrals to our NHS and private hospital clinics.

Whether you suffer from hearing loss or have a hearing related problem we guarantee you will receive comprehensive and impartial advice on your hearing and all the products we offer.

With our experience in hearing and patient focus, we will make sure you receive expert care not only during your initial visit, but for the duration of your hearing aids life

Our Hearing Services

Hearing Tests

Book a Free Hearing Test and assessment with us today.

Children’s Hearing Tests

Book a Free Hearing Test for your child at any of our clinics today.

 Hearing Aids

We supply high quality hearing aids from all leading manufacturers.

 Ear Wax Removal

We offer an easy, pain free ear wax removal service in most of our clinics

Specialist Hearing Services

Tinnitus Tests & Treatment

We can help with an initial tinnitus assessment and a suitable treatment and rehabilitation plan for you.

CERA Tests

CERA Tests or Cortical ERA Tests are used to find your hearing thresholds and helps us recommend the best hearing solution for you.

noise ear protection

Noise Protection

Whether you work in a noisy environment or have a hobby where you are exposed to noise we have the perfect custom ear protection solution for you.

hearing counselling

Counselling & Rehabilitation

Recovering from hearing loss or damage can be emotional, stressful and difficult. Our team of rehab experts can ensure your recovery is quick and permanent.

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