Your Hearing Has Never Been More Important


The last year has been pretty incredible, making our health more important than ever before. It may have been easy before to ignore your hearing issues, and feel that you can manage.

Now everyone is wearing a face mask and behind a screen. This makes hearing a whole lot more difficult.

When you struggle to hear your family, friends, work colleagues or when you’re in the shops, it can feel frustrating, embarrassing and stressful. When you ignore these feelings, they can lead to anxiety and even depression. Mental wellbeing is vital for us all whilst we are battling with COV-ID and the ever changing news.

We understand and you are not the only one to delay. Unfortunately, too many in the UK take this stance with their hearing, putting off having their hearing checked until the situation becomes so bad they can no longer ignore it. It’s likely your family and loved ones are feeling pretty frustrated too and that they’d greatly appreciate you taking action with your hearing loss.

We Want To Help You To Hear Everyone & Engage Fully In Life

At Hear Pure, our single goal is to help you reconnect with your life and your loved ones with the best technology you can find with only the latest hearing aids.
We are independent and work with all the leading manufacturers which are Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Widex, Starkey & GN Resound.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Your hearing loss is unique, and you deserve an up to date hearing solution and not old technology that is dated.

The newest hearing aids are sleek, small and really powerful. They’re in a beautiful range of colours or there are small in ear hearing aids – even HRH Queen Elizabeth wears the small Signia Silk hearing aid!

You can see the young people everywhere with wireless earphones – the stigma attached to wearing hearing aids is no longer here.

Just as you wear glasses if you can’t see, so hearing aids are just as important to help you hear.

Aren’t you tired of constantly feeling left out of the conversation, or never being able to hear what’s going on around you? Let Hear Pure help. Contact us today to schedule an in-depth hearing assessment and you can be fitted with hearing aids the very same day. How amazing would that be?

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to the gentleman who treated my mother yesterday at your clinic. He was so caring and patient with her. Thank you so much for agreeing to treat her during these difficult times. We would not hesitate to use your clinic again.

Thank you.

Anne Williams.

Coming to you was a revelation. I felt like a human being who was deaf and needed help – not a walking bank account that needed to be emptied fast. Have I just been very lucky or are you all like that?

Many thanks


I had been suffering from extremely severe tinnitus for the past 18 months but once the new hearing aids were tuned in to the tinnitus setting they have made a massive positive difference to my life. I found the service extremely satisfactory and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


Why Get Your Hearing Tested?

Here are 5 ways Hearing Health Impacts Your Life:

Mental Health and Cognition: Did you know that hearing loss has been linked to your mental health and cognitive capabilities? Hearing loss can lead to depression, and has also been implicated in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Costs of Healthcare: Did you know that hearing loss, once begun, will continue to erode your hearing and eventually reach a point of no return? Treating advanced hearing loss is much more difficult than if you catch it early, leading to increased healthcare costs.

Improving Your General Health: We tend to forget that the body is a whole system and hearing loss can be the harbinger of other diseases, including autoimmune diseases, blood circulation issues, and even diabetes. It also leads to an increased risk of falling injuries.

The Potential for Medication Interaction: Did you know that many medications, including over-the-counter options like pain relievers, as well as commonly prescribed antibiotics can affect your hearing and even damage your hearing health?

Lost Connections with Loved Ones: Did you know that hearing loss drives a wedge between you and your loved ones? It can force you to stop participating in activities you love, and lead to social isolation. Having your hearing tested now can help you regain your quality of life and reconnect with family and friends. Don’t wait!



Why Choose Hear Pure?


Why choose Hear Pure to help you reconnect with your life and loved ones? Simply put, we are your only local independent hearing clinic with the best service & the best prices. Here are even more reasons:

  • Working with you to determine if hearing aids are right for you, as well as which type is best suited to your needs today and in the future.

      • Ongoing aftercare can be done online and through video calls to help support you and how you use, clean and look after your new hearing aids.


      • You’ll find it very easy to get an appointment with us and your calls are always answered. If we are busy on another call, we will always call you back in office hours.


      • Your safety is of paramount importance to us in our clinics. All touchable services, equipment, payment terminals, chairs and door handles are cleaned between patients. We always have stocks of masks, visors and gloves available for everyone.


  • We provide all your batteries, wax guards, domes and hearing aid accessories with our best price promise too

You Will Never Find Better Aftercare Or Better Prices For Your Hearing Anywhere Else

Contact Us Today – It’s time to Hear & Live Well!

If you would like to book an appointment, you can book a FREE Hearing Consultation on our diary system here or you can call our Head Office on 01244 311142. We look forward to helping you.

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