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Tinnitus Treatment Program

Six month package to rehabilitate tinnitus for minimal or unnoticeable symptoms. Start today!

Tinnitus Treatment Program

The Hear Pure six - twelve month program to rehabilitate tinnitus for minimal or unnoticeable symptoms.

Effective Tinnitus Relief Program

Instant tinnitus relief will be made available using modern technology in the form of hearing aids programmed only as maskers. After completing all of your initial assessment, the devices will be ordered in the colour you want and programmed and set up with multiple tinnitus programs to include ocean sounds, pink noise, white noise and other. We also have available the patented notch therapy for tinnitus treatment. The right option will be personalised for your needs.

person sitting in a chair in front of a man
person sitting in a chair in front of a man
Tinnitus Control at your Fingertips

At your appointment we will set up your tinnitus programs on your phone. This gives you control of your tinnitus when you need it and how you need it. You can switch between programs and adjust the volume accordingly. You can complete this easily and discreetly when it matters to you most. When you've finished wearing your devices for the day, you just pop them in the charger ready for tomorrow.

Our experienced CBT Tinnitus Specialist woks with you for 3 to 12 further appointments depending on the Tinnitus Package you chose. CBT sessions often include psychoeducation about tinnitus, causes, and its mechanisms. This can reduce fear and uncertainty, empowering you to better manage the symptoms. Studies show that CBT can lead to long-term improvements in tinnitus distress and quality of life. By addressing both the psychological and behavioral aspects of tinnitus, CBT helps individuals develop sustainable coping mechanisms.

Tailored Tinnitus Therapy

“I had been suffering from extremely severe tinnitus for the past 18 months but once the new hearing aids were tuned in to the tinnitus setting they have made a massive positive difference to my life. I found the service extremely satisfactory and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.



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