Ear Wax Removal at Hear Pure Heswall

Expert ear microsuction and syringing services offered by our specialist Gill in Hear Pure Heswall, Wirral.

Ear Wax Removal Wirral

Earwax is a natural substance that helps protect the ear canal, but an excessive amount can block your hearing and even cause pain or infection.

It's important to keep your ears healthy and clean so they continue to function properly. You should never attempt to remove excess earwax on your own at home because doing so could push the wax further into the canal or damage delicate structures in and around the ear such as nerves, blood vessels, bones, skin glands and hair cells within the inner part of your ear canal.

That’s why we ONLY recommend seeing an Ear Wax Specialist Clinician for professional removal if needed. We offer safe and effective solutions for removing excess wax from any type of patient including children aged 14 and above.

grayscale photo of round button
grayscale photo of round button
Ear Microsuction for Safe Removal

Microsuction is like a mini vacuum that sucks the ear wax out.

Ear Syringing for Clear Hearing

Ear syringing or ear irrigation as it's known now is using a gentle flow of room temperature water to flush the ear wax out.

Aural Care Specialist Services

Comprehensive aural care services provided by our fully qualified Aural & Ear Wax Removal Clinician - fully insured and British Society of Audiology compliant.

Your clinician will discuss with you at your appointment which method of ear wax removal will be the best for you.

Following 3 unsuccessful micro suction appointments to clear my compacted earwax (at another unassociated clinic), I was recommended water irrigation at Hear Pure. The receptionist was friendly and informative, both in person and then on my arrival at the clinic. Gillian, the clinician was extremely thorough, explaining exactly what she was doing and ensuring I was comfortable throughout the procedure. She really put me at ease and there was no psin or discomfort at all. And now I can hear a pin drop! I truly could have hugged her. Would recommend to anyone.


side view of man's face
side view of man's face


Ear Cleaning

Professional ear wax removal services for clean and healthy ears. Experienced audiologists use latest techniques for safe and effective ear wax removal.

Ear Wax Removal Fee - £65 for One or Two Ears
  • You must use oil for a minimum of 3 days before your appointment - we recommend using Earol as it's a natural olive oil

  • If you are unsure if you have Ear Wax, please just arrange with our receptionist for a drop in Ear Check for only £5 as all appointments must be paid for

  • You must be aged 14+

  • If you are experiencing pain or discharge in your ear, please visit your GP

  • We cannot conduct ear wax removal if you are taking antibiotics for an ear infection or if you have an ear infection/discharge

  • Ear irrigation or syringing is not suitable if you have prior perforations

Clinic days are Monday to Thursday

By Appointment Only