We Are Opening From Monday 11th May With Limited Clinics

We have introduced new measures for seeing patients which we would respectfully ask for your co-operation.
If you are unable to comply, we will unfortunately be unable to treat you.

There is no waiting room for patients. Please arrive for your appointment on time and not earlier.
You will be given the following PPE to wear – Gloves, Mask, Shoe Covers
Ear wax removal is a fixed fee of £75. It’s essential you use Earol for 5 days before your appointment. Follow up appointments are £55.
Full payment is requested before your appointment and we will call you in advance.
Our toilets are not available for patients.
Please do not book an appointment if you have a cough or fever.
Please stay safe and stay well!

best wishes

Vanessa, Director Hear Pure

If you are suffering from a build up of ear wax which is blocking your ear; causing hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness or discomfort – then you should have the built up ear wax removed as soon as possible to prevent further problems with your hearing.

Ear Wax Removal is carried out by our Hearing & Aural Care Specialist at our Chester Clinic in Vicars Cross. The procedure normally takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete and in most cases, relief is instant.

Micro Suction Wax Removal

Micro suction is the preferred method of ear wax removal used by ENT (ear nose and throat) consultants. It is a safe and pain-free method of wax removal. Micro Suction uses a low pressure suction device to remove the ear wax.  It acts as a mini vacuum, but it is painless and it’s less invasive than the irrigation method.

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Ear Irrigation Wax Removal

Ear irrigation uses water (at room temperature) which is gently flushed into the ear through a purpose made machine which controls the water pressure carefully and precisely so that the ear cannot be damaged.

The ear wax is softened and dislodged and then carried out of the ear by the gentle force of the water.  Irrigation is different to ‘ear syringing’ which is an old fashioned type of removal where wax was literally syringed from the ear. Ear irrigation is performed by a qualified Nurse at most of our clinics.  It is safe and painless.  If you suffer with Tinnitus, ear irrigation will not worsen the condition.


Hi I’m Nadeem, the Aural Care Specialist in Chester, and I look forward to assisting you here for your hearing and ear wax removal.

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  • Only adults aged 18+ can be treated at clinic
  • Treatment is £75 for one appointment
  • If you are experiencing pain or discharge in your ear, please visit your GP
  • We cannot conduct ear wax removal if you are taking antibiotics for an ear infection or if you have an ear infection/discharge
  • Ear irrigation or syringing is not suitable if you have prior perforations
  • Please ensure you use oil for a minimum of 5 days as a follow up appointment is £55


Please note that you may need irrigation and/or a repeat treatment if you have used any drops in your ears containing hydrogen peroxide or bicarbonate of soda. (Earol OR Pure Olive Oil FROM THE CHEMIST is the best solution to soften ear wax prior to microsuction).
This is because the use of these drops may make the ear wax “claggy” in consistency, therefore difficult to remove by micro suction. This then results in using irrigation* to remove the ear wax and in some cases a repeat visit to us may be required.
The use of these drops causes the wax to travel further down the ear canal, again leading to the need for irrigation and/or a repeat visit.
Please also be aware that the use of cotton buds in the ear can also make the treatment difficult as the wax can become impacted and also pushed further down the ear canal
Please ensure you follow any advice given to you by the practitioner in order for your appointment to run smoothly and to avoid unnecessary return appointments and incur further charges.