Hear Pure About Us

Since 2012, our hearing clinic has been offering a wide range of hearing impairment solutions to patients in Chester. We understand how hearing loss can affect your quality of life, and we are committed to providing expert care to find the best solution for managing your hearing impairment.

We have two main practices in Chester and Heswall, Wirral. Our friendly staff are ready to assist you with all your hearing needs. Simply fill in your details above, or book an appointment using the button above, or give us a call.

Jane- Audiologist Heswall

Hear Pure is the perfect fit for me. My career was previously as a Prison Law Supervisor but after many years, I moved to hearing care and trained with a big multi national hearing chain. I decided I prefer working with a local business that's impartial and patient focused. Time with my patients is so rewarding and I love what I do. My husband and I live with our two dogs and have three amazing children.

I joined Hear Pure as a Customer Care Assistant in 2018 where I was able to help with patient hearing queries and maintenance of their hearing aids. In 2020, as we have become so busy, I decided to complete a Hearing Care & Aural Care Qualification. It's been such a pleasure to learn so much and now I'm able to help hands on with patients ear wax removal and all hearing aftercare appointments. I love travelling with my husband and friends as our two amazing children are now studying away.

Gill - Ear Wax Removal Clinician Heswall

Irene - Receptionist Heswall

I was a civil servant for over 25 years before I joined Hear Pure in December 2022. The Hear Pure Clinic fits the bill perfectly for me. I am really enjoying being part of this small team and understanding more about hearing care and the benefit it brings to well being and quality of life. When I’m not in the clinic, I stay active by walking along the beach at New Brighton, yoga and Pilates.

brown pomeranian puppy on grey concrete floor
brown pomeranian puppy on grey concrete floor

Beth - Receptionist Heswall

I share the reception role with Irene and love the personal service and interaction we have in our busy little clinic.

Hear Pure is our family business and I watched my mum working hard for years before I went to Aston University and gained my degree in Audiology and qualifications in micro-suction and irrigation. I love the opportunity to learn so many interesting stories from our patients! Outside of clinic, I love flying and am nearly fully qualified in Gliding. I also climb regularly and go to the gym - in addition to my passion for cars obviously.

Cordero - Audiologist Chester

Jessica - Receptionist Chester

I started with Hear Pure when I was only 17 and left a few years later to breed specialist puppies. I've come back to work here again! I must love it! The best parts of my role here is the variety, the patients are always so much pleasure to talk too and most importantly I know we're helping people. Outside of work I have a wonderful fiancee and we love our holidays and walking our dogs. I also have a passion for clothes which i do around my role here.

Soreya - Business Development Schools

I'm Vanessa's daughter and Cordero's sister. I started on reception duties straight from leaving school. Jessica has taken over reception and patient care, so I'm now on building relationships with SENCO and Schools for our Auditory Processing Disorder clinics.

Donna - Accounts Manager

I met Vanessa when we were at toddler group together when she was pregnant with Soreya and our children grew up playing together. When wanting to return to work, Vanessa and I thought we'd work well together and here we are now. I've previously worked in a large FMCG multinational, and a multi million pound Care company. Outside of the office, I have my beautiful horse Molly, three amazing children, a grandson and my wonderful husband.

Vanessa - Founder

As a single parent with conductive hearing loss, I was fortunate to start a business I love in 2012 when my children were 9 and 7. Hearing issues run in my family: my mum has Usher syndrome, and my grandma has single-sided deafness. Hear Pure began as an idea at my home desk and has grown significantly since. We focus on helping patients, offering competitive prices, and providing exceptional service. I am grateful to work with an incredible team, including my children, who are all essential to our success.

an abstract photo of a curved building with a blue sky in the background

When I first came to Hear Pure, I was treated like a person with a hearing difficulty rather than a walking wallet that needed to be emptied. I have to start with this because it was such a sharp contrast with the Boots experience and was as significant to me as the quality of the hearing aids. The service was remarkable and I felt relaxed, in the hands of an experienced professional who was not remotely interested in how much money I spent but on whether she could improve my hearing. When the aids were first fitted it was astonishing - I thought at first that the specialist had taken to shouting at me. That experience continues - except that I can now recognise what shouting should sound like. I believed I would be able to hear a worm breathe. I tell everyone about the service, the experience and my gratitude. For two years I have not heard the voices of my grandchildren and now I can. That is beyond price.