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treating apd

To date, there are no strict medicine procedures or treatment plans for APD. However, the effects resulted due to this disorder can surely be alleviated by designing a contingent plan in which multiple strategies can be implemented.


Many training programs are designed and developed to fix specific issues related to APD and to eradicate issues related to concentration.


As APD symptoms can be identified as the patient gets older and reaches towards the age of 7 or older, the same way, improvement can also be seen with passing time and older age. During this time, these coping strategies can be easily implemented in their daily lives. If done efficiently, they can get back a normal and successful life at home and school.

Phonak Roger APD Bundle

Roger Focus is an easy-to-use product that sends the teacher’s voice directly into your child’s ears. This approach cuts out distracting noise, like nearby conversations or their classmate’s movements of books and chairs, allowing your child to hear and act upon more of the teacher’s instructions.


Testing has found that children who wore Roger Focus improved their speech understanding by an average of 53% compared to children who didn’t wear the technology

Roger Inspiro      £1800 Includes 2 x receivers and 1 year warranty

Roger inspiro is a durable teacher microphone that is used in thousands of classrooms around the world.

Roger Pen      £1800 Includes 2 x receivers and 1 year warranty

Worn around the speaker’s neck, placed on a table or held in the hand, the multiple microphones of the Roger Pen automatically reduce background noise, focusing on the voices they need to hear

Roger Clip-On Mic      £1650 Includes  2 x receivers and 1 year warranty

The Roger Clip-On Mic offers one-click connection and is perfect for parents of young children to use at the park, in the car, out shopping or anywhere where noise or distance may make focusing difficult.

Any of the above options are to be used with Phonak 

Roger Focus APD Bundle.jpg

Roger Focus II boasts an array of features, including rechargeability, lockable volume control, SlimTube and tamperproof battery door. It comes in two models: rechargeable (Roger Focus II) and a Zinc Air battery version (Roger Focus II-312). Roger Focus II-312 has a tamperproof battery door; keeping batteries away from curious fingers and mouths. The rechargeable model comes in a wide range of pediatric colors

312 Battery Roger Focus II - £565 Includes 2 years warranty

Rechargeable - £715 Includes 2 years warranty

Oticon EduMic

To develop language and enhance learning, a child needs to be able to hear the teacher’s voice clearly at school. Compared to children with normal hearing, children with hearing loss experience more difficulty in perceiving speech and learning words in noise.


EduMic is a classroom hearing solution that provides direct access to the teacher’s voice from a wireless remote microphone to help children manage noise, reverberation and distance in the classroom.


Oticon’s pediatric hearing aids and EduMic work together to maximize children’s speech understanding for language development, learning and socializing opportunities. Top benefits include:

  • Strong and reliable signal to hearing aids

  • Very user-friendly

  • Durable and built to last

  • Discreet and comfortable to wear

  • Only need to pair once to an unlimited amount of hearing aids

  • Includes a telecoil mode

  • Features a 3.5 mm audio jack cable to stream sound from computers, smartboards and tablets

The Oticon EduMic is used with either Oticon Play or Oticon Xceed.  Even if your child has no hearing loss, the EduMic is a transmitter and therefore needs your child to wear either of the aforementioned to act as receivers.

Oticon EduMic  -  £372

Prices excludes fitting as parents can set this up themselves


Oticon OPN Play

You and your child can choose among four different styles, each suited for hearing losses from mild to severe: the traditional BTE PP style; the small and discreet miniRITE or miniRITE T (telecoil) styles; and the new miniRITE R, a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion instrument in a discreet design.

Opn Play comes in a range of 12 colors to discreetly complement hair and skin or to be bright and colorful. A fun collection of decorative stickers are also available so your child can add their own personality to the hearing aids.

OTICON OPN PLAY 2 - £1450 a pair

Includes 2 years warranty (no appointments)

OTICON OPN PLAY 1 - £3295 a pair

This level would be needed if your child does have hearing loss. Includes 2 years warranty, fitting and follow up appointments

Rechargeable - £300 extra

Oticon OPN Play Hearing Aids For Childre

Oticon Xceed Play

The Worlds Most Powerful Paediatric Hearing Aid

The revolutionary Oticon Xceed Play is the only hearing aid on the market that gives an open sound experience to children of all ages with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

It is essential that your child’s hearing aid supports the way the brain naturally makes sense of sound. Oticon Xceed Play provides your child’s brain with the best possible conditions to hear in a way that helps their brain learn and develop.

OTICON XCEED PLAY 2 - £2895 a pair

OTICON XCEED PLAY 1 - £3295 a pair

Includes 2 years warranty, fitting and follow up appointments

Children coloring
  • The estimated prevalence of central auditory processing disorders in children is 2-3%

  • It is reasonable to assume that children with hearing loss are at risk for expending greater effort listening in typical classroom environments than their peers with normal hearing

  • Research has also demonstrated that many children with normal hearing (e.g., children with learning, reading, language, attention and/or auditory processing disorders) also experience difficulties understanding speech in typical classroom environments

Gary Rance (PhD), Associate Professor, Department of Audiology & Speech Pathology, The University of Melbourne

"In our study of school-aged children with ASD, children could hear the teacher’s words better, communicate with their fellow students better and were generally more engaged in classroom activities"


  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Free Consultation At Our Chester Hear Pure Modern Brand New Clinic

  • Treatment Options Available Are Oticon OPN Play, Oticon OPN Xceed and Oticon Edumic.  Also, Phonak Sky and Phonak Roger System.

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