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Hear Pure is the perfect fit for me. My career was previously as a Prison Law Supervisor but after many years, I moved to hearing care and trained with a big multi national hearing chain. I decided I prefer working with a local business that's impartial and patient focused. Time with my patients is so rewarding and I love what I do.


Hearing & Aural Care

I joined Hear Pure as a Customer Care Assistant in 2018 where I was able to help with patient hearing queries and maintenance of their hearing aids. In 2020, as we have become so busy, I decided to complete a Hearing Care & Aural Care Qualification. It's been such a pleasure to learn so much and now I'm able to help hands on with patients ear wax removal and all hearing aftercare appointments.



I’m Vanessa, the founder of Hear Pure. Hearing loss has had a profound impact on my own life as my mother has Usher Syndrome which affects her hearing, vision and balance.  The difficulties of hearing her grandchildren motivated her to address this and my mum wears a top of the range invisible hearing aids.  

After having my children, I too developed hearing loss as a result of otosclorosis.  I created Hear Pure to provide independent hearing care at affordable prices but without sacrificing service. 


The Hear Pure team is the best it has ever been and I even get to work with my husband, my son Cordero (Trainee Audiologist) and my daughter Soreya works on reception.  


Trainee Audiologist

I joined Hear Pure in 2021....and I absolutely love it here.  I worked for the NHS for 5 years as an Associate Audiologist.  I am also fluent in British Sign Language.  I started my career as a GP Medical Receptionist where I found my passion for helping patients.  So I could be more involved in patient care, I chose audiology and I have not looked back since.  At the NHS I was performing hearing aid fittings, OAE's, Tinnitus and Hyperacusis. 

I'm qualified for conducting hearing tests on children from aged 4 upwards.  I also see our patients for hearing aid fittings, hearing aid aftercare and ear wax removal.


Trainee Audiologist & Ear Wax Specialist

Cordero joined us in 2021 and is training to become a fully qualified Audiologist.  

Cordero is fully qualified for microsuction and irrigation ear wax removal.



Customer Care

I joined Hear Pure in 2017 and I love being the friendly face at our Heswall Clinic. As I also look after my grandchildren, I'm in Heswall three days a week. I listen and help patients with all their queries and I can also help with maintenance of Hearing Aids. I also update myself regularly when new hearing aids are introduced.