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Ear Wax
Removal WIRRAL

Micro-Suction & Irrigation £60

Earwax is a natural substance that helps protect the ear canal. But, it can also cause problems when too much collects or becomes impacted in the ears.


When you have an excessive amount of earwax, it may block your hearing and even cause pain or infection.


It's important to keep your ears healthy and clean so they continue to function properly.  You should never attempt to remove excess earwax on your own at home because doing so could push the wax further into the canal or damage delicate structures in and around the ear such as nerves, blood vessels, bones, skin glands and hair cells within the inner part of your ear canal.


That’s why we ONLY recommend seeing an Ear Wax Specialist Clinician for professional removal if needed. We offer safe & effective solutions for removing excess wax from any type of patient including children aged 13 and above.  

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Please note that you may need irrigation and/or a repeat treatment if you have used any drops in your ears containing hydrogen peroxide or bicarbonate of soda. (Earol OR Pure Olive Oil FROM THE CHEMIST is the best solution to soften ear wax prior to microsuction).  This is because the use of these drops may make the ear wax “claggy” in consistency, therefore difficult to remove by micro suction. This then results in using irrigation* to remove the ear wax and in some cases a repeat visit to us may be required.

The use of these drops causes the wax to travel further down the ear canal, again leading to the need for irrigation and/or a repeat visit.


Please also be aware that the use of cotton buds in the ear can also make the treatment difficult as the wax can become impacted and also pushed further down the ear canal

Please ensure you follow any advice given to you by the practitioner in order for your appointment to run smoothly and to avoid unnecessary return appointments and incur further charges.

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Micro suction is the preferred method of ear wax removal used by ENT (ear nose and throat) consultants. It is a safe and pain-free method of wax removal.


Micro Suction uses a low pressure suction device to remove the ear wax.  It acts as a mini vacuum, but can only be used if the wax is not too runny.  

Please trust your Clinician to discuss the best method of wax removal for you.  


Ear irrigation uses water (at room temperature) which is gently flushed into the ear through a purpose made machine which controls the water pressure carefully and precisely so that the ear cannot be damaged.


The ear wax is softened and dislodged and then carried out of the ear by the gentle force of the water.  Irrigation is different to ‘ear syringing’ which is an old fashioned type of removal where wax was literally syringed from the ear.


If you suffer with Tinnitus, ear irrigation will not worsen the condition



Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to the gentleman who treated my mother yesterday at your clinic. He was so caring and patient with her. Thank you so much for agreeing to treat her during these difficult times. We would not hesitate to use your clinic again.   Thank you.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and skill during my appointment, I am thrilled and so relieved at the results! I can't have been an easy patient to see; very nervous and squeamish and in some discomfort with almost complete deafness in one ear.

Amazing and so nice to be able to hear again after a month,- and get some sleep!


I wish to compliment Nadeem on his efficient and professional service. Very well mannered and put me at ease during the process of removing my ear wax. Would recommend him to anyone thinking of having a similar treatment. 

Please Read...

  • If you are booking a minor aged under 18 years, please phone to book in

  • Treatment is £60 for one appointment

  • If you are experiencing pain or discharge in your ear, please visit your GP

  • We cannot conduct ear wax removal if you are taking antibiotics for an ear infection or if you have an ear infection/discharge

  • Ear irrigation or syringing is not suitable if you have prior perforations

  • Please ensure you use oil for a minimum of 5 days as a follow up appointment is £45

  • We are not an NHS clinic, we are a private clinic and all appointments are to be paid for.

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