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Recent or Current Pain In Either of Your Ears

If you have an intense pain or discharge, this sounds very much like you could have an ear infection. We would strongly recommend you attend your GP immediately as ear infections can lead to hearing loss.

Known Foreign Object Present In Ear

We have helped people with stuck cotton buds, wax guards and tissue to be removed from the ear. It's only upon examination we can assess this.

What Do We Need You To Inform Us Of?

  1. Middle Ear Infection within the last 6 weeks

  2. You must have finished any course of antibiotics

  3. if you have itchy, irritated ears, eczema or psoriasis

  4. Abrasions or inflammation in the ear canal

  5. If you've had recent ear surgery

  6. if you have troublesome vertigo

  7. History of any previous complications from wax removal

  8. Cleft Palate

  9. Are you on any anticoagulant or blood thinning medication

  10. If you have Troublesome Tinnitus

  11. Do you have a dry, tickly or irritable throat

  12. Do you have a grommet in situ

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