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after your wax removal


  • The ear canal may be vulnerable to an ear infection, particularly after irrigation, this is caused by removal of all the wax, which has inherent properties to protect the ear canal

  • Until the ear produces more wax to protect the canal keep the ear(s) that have been treated free from water for 4-5 days after the procedure.

  • To keep the ears dry when washing your hair, showering, bathing or swimming, insert ear plugs or cotton wool coated in petroleum jelly into the outside of the ear canal(s) to act as a protective seal.

  • In the unlikely event that you develop pain, dizziness, reduced hearing or discharge from the ear after the procedure consult with your nurse/doctor.


  • The normal ear has self-cleaning properties and wax is normal and has protective qualities.

  • Do not use cotton buds or cotton wool – poking will only push the wax deeper into the canal and cause problems.

  • Frequent wax blockage may be caused by a narrow ear canal that easily becomes obstructed. It may be helpful to instil Earol or Olive Oil drops 1-2 times a week and wear ear plugs when in water for people who have a recurrent build-up of wax.

  • If your ears become itchy, it may be because of too little wax, Earol helps with this.

  • Ear irrigation or Microsuction does not cause a build-up of wax.

  • Have regular hearing tests.

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