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As we emerge from an exceptionally trying time for us all, we hope you and your family and loved ones are all well.

We have introduced new measures for seeing patients and we would respectfully ask for your co-operation. If you are unable to comply, we will unfortunately be unable to treat you.

We are operating a one in, one out rotation with our patients. So if you arrive at our clinic and need to purchase any items for your hearing aids, or if you just want to book in with us, please bear with us if we’re unable to welcome you in at that exact time.


Please can you come to your ear wax removal appointment on your own wearing a face mask. If you need assistance, please just let us know in advance so we are prepared with PPE for your family member to help you.

If you are coming for a hearing test appointment, it’s always important that you come with your loved one as they can help at the consultation appointment.


Please arrive for your appointment on time and not earlier as then you will be coming straight in to see us. We provide you with hand sanitiser, gloves, cape (for irrigation) and a mask for ear wax removal (if you are not already wearing one). For our hearing appointments, we can provide you with a face shield instead of a face mask. Please remember it is essential you were these items in order for us to see you in clinic. These measure are here to help us to help you.


Our toilets are not available for patients except in exceptional circumstances. Please can you kindly respect our wishes as toilets need a full clean down after every use which is a lot for us to do on top of all our clinic duties in place now.

We are proud to have moved to a a paperless booking and payment system. This reduces contact and cleaning and of course is better for our planet. Upon booking with us, you will need to complete our Consent Forms. The Attendance Consent Form MUST be completed by EVERY patient coming to an appointment. This form shares your obligations and responsibilities and the new procedures we have in place to welcome you. The Consent Form for Wax Removal is only to be completed if you have booked for Ear Wax Removal.


Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help you and please always stay safe and stay well.

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