Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron have been designing and manufacturing hearing aids for almost half a century, their work backed by the resources of the Sonova Group.

Their range of hearing instruments are specially designed to meet the needs of the users, with a style to suit everyone. All of their hearing instruments pass IP ratings, proving their durability and performance when exposed to harsh elements such as dust and water.

The stylish range incorporates technology such as SpeechZone2 which helps the instrument adjust to an optimal microphone strategy to focus on speech from any direction in noisy situations. Other features include SoundNav which automatically and seamlessly identifies and classifies seven different environments.

Unitron Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

However, all hearing instruments come in five enhanced technology levels, so features vary depending on the level of technology required.

Unitron’s hearing aid range

Unitron’s computer processing chip, the ‘North’ platform is used to build their ‘North’ family of hearing aids. The range comes with three enticing RIC styles, which cater for all different types of hearing loss, covering Entry Level to Premium hearing aids. The three styles are:

  • Moxi Kiss – The smallest of the range, featuring the basic requirements for those who might not need the extra features of the other two styles
  • Moxi Fit – Larger than the Moxi Kiss, as it contains both a telecoil and a push button
  • Moxi Dura – The most powerful of the three hearing aids, perfect for those with severe to profound hearing loss

Also joining the Moxi range on the North platform is Unitron’s newer behind-the-ear and in-the-ear range, ‘Stride’. The Stride range features the same technology as the Moxi Range, but offers BTE solutions with intuitive controls, and ITE options in a much smaller style.

Entry Level

All of Unitron’s entry level Stride & Moxi hearing aids (Kiss, Fit and Dura) are built using their North 500 platform, the computer processing chip that features all of the basic technology needed for people with low hearing requirements. Its main features includes basic directionality to help focus your hearing to the front, when the speaker is stood facing you, and Antishock technology to help reduce the sound of sudden loud noises. Among other features, the hearing instruments are also water resistant and include programs to help with Tinnitus management.

Other Unitron Entry Level hearing instruments:

  • Max E – The entry level technology of Unitron’s super power BTE hearing aids includes all of the essential features needed for those with severe to profound hearing loss. The device holds 6 channels, with 4 manual programs and a Power Adaption Manager which helps to reduce the levels of amplification in order to reduce the long-term effects it could have on the hearing. Other features include frequency compression which moves sounds away from the most damaged area of hearing.

Lower Mid Range

All of Unitron’s lower mid range Stride & Moxi hearing aids (Kiss, Fit and Dura) are built using their North 600 platform. This range is more suited towards people who often need to hear clearly in noisy environments, but lead a quiet lifestyle on the whole. In addition to the features present in the North 500 range, this processor also includes a basic SoundNav with two built-in separate environmental types, which will automatically switch to either mode when the need for adapted hearing is detected. Adaptive directionality also allows for the suppression of moderate unwanted background noises.

Other Unitron Lower Mid Range hearing instruments:

  • Max 6 – A step up in technology from the Max E, this one has 2 automatic programs, 3 manual programs and 3 streaming programs for a more personalised listening experience. Along with the basic features of the Max E, the Max 6 also includes a multiband adaptive directionality in order to effectively reduce unwanted background noises as the directional microphone has the ability to automatically switch modes.

Upper Mid Range

All of Unitron’s upper mid range Stride & Moxi hearing aids (Kiss, Fit and Dura) are built using their North 700 platform, the third tier of North technology. Ideally for those with a more social lifestyle who are often subjected to medium levels of background noise. As an advancement on the North 600, the SoundNav on the North 700 is pre-programmed with five separate environmental options.


All of Unitron’s premium Stride & Moxi hearing aids (Kiss, Fit and Dura) are built using their North 800 platform. The higher end technology has been purposely built for those who often find themselves in more challenging hearing environments. The directionality has been advanced to Speechzone with Binaural spatial processing as a more effective way of focusing your hearing directly towards the speech when in a noisy environment.

Other Unitron Lower Mid Range hearing instruments:

  • Max 20 – With the highest spec in Unitron’s super power hearing aid range, the Max 20 incorporates all of the essential features of a high quality hearing aid, while also packing in so much more, including Binaural Phone, Pinna Effect and Self learning. Each of the Max hearing aids have a built in SmartFocus software to optimise the different aspects of microphones, speech enhancement, noise reduction and amplification so that the preferential settings are automatically applied according to the situation.

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