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oticon more rechargeable hearing aids

Turning Complexity into Clarity requires the Full Perspective

We are all constantly presented with complex, unpedictable sound scenes.  It's the role of the brain to help make meaning of it all.  Oticon More hearing aids are designed to work more like the brain because it learns through experience.  And now Oticon More gives you More options & styles so you can get more out of life.

more & clearer sounds to the brain

New independent research has shown that the brain needs access to all sounds - not just speech - in order to work in a natural way.  And now, new and innovative research methods prove how Oticon More delivers just that.

Oticon More delivers 30% more sound to the brain compared to the Oticon OPN S1.  For you, this can mean getting access to the full and precisely balanced sound scene.



Three Hours Charging = Full day of battery life including Streaming

Quick 30 minutes for an additional 6 hours of power


Enjoy the convenience of direct streaming from your favourite iPhone, iPad and Android devices

oticon on app

Easy discreet control over your Oticon More from your Oticon ON App.  Includes increasing the volume, controlling tinnitus programs and even find my Oticon More Hearing Aids feature

Oticon More .jpg

OTICON & your hearing

Are you struggling to hear what people are saying?


If so, it might be time for a hearing test. Hearing loss can affect your quality of life and make everyday tasks more difficult. It’s important to get tested as soon as possible if you think there is an issue with your hearing.

The earlier you act on hearing loss, the sooner you can remove the hearing frustrations in your life.  Your family and friends want you to hear them too!


Our team of hearing experts will help guide you through every step towards finding the best hearing solution for your needs. 

Take Action Today and Book Your Free Hearing Test with Hear Pure in Chester, Cheadle or Wirral.

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