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phonak hearing aids

The new PRISM chip delivers crisp natural sound for you to enjoy the wonders of the world as they should be heard. With its double memory capacity it powers the new Speech Enhancer which boosts soft-level speech so you are able to enjoy conversations with friends, colleagues and loved ones.


Phonak Virto M - Titanium

Taking Super Discreet to the Next Level. 

The latest generation of super discreet custom hearing aids made from titanium. Virto Titanium is the smallest Phonak hearing aid ever. It is so discreet, that nobody will know you're wearing it – and as it's made from titanium it is incredibly strong, light, and durable.

vitro titanium.jpg

Phonak Virto M

Newest invisible hearing aid from Phonak.

Phonak Virto M is the world’s first custom hearing aid with hands-free calls that allows Roger technology to stream directly without an external receiver.

vitro M.jpg

Phonak Marvel

Premium hearing aids from Phonak.

The new Marvel platform focuses on what users expect most from a first-class hearing aid - a clear, rich sound experience1. This world’s first hearing technology offers the ability to stream all audio content seamlessly from iPhone®, Android™ smartphones or billions of other Bluetooth® enabled devices to both ears in stereo quality.


Phonak Serenity Choice

The new Serenity Choice  is a high-end membrane and mesh filters, allowing you to experience natural hearing, situational awareness and communication while offering you the protection you need.
With solutions for music, motorsports, hunting & shooting, work & sleep, Serenity Choice has options for all.


Serenity Phonak.png

Phonak Roger On!

Hearing aids alone are not enough - Roger on!.

Expand your hearing experience beyond your hearing aids with Phonak's Roger on!!

Whether you are at work or in the comfort of your homes, Roger on together with your hearing aids will bring everything to the next level!

The new microphone technology is for all the conversations that occur in background noise and over distance - which make it hard for you to understand otherwise.

roger on.png
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