The Starkey Livio Rechargeable In-The-Canal hearing aid is part of our Platinum range. It is the only in-the-canal rechargeable hearing aid available giving a full day of charge on the go! The Livio AI range is the first to include embedded sensors and artificial intelligence.

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Starkey Livio

AI rechargeable RIC 

Not only does Livio AI sound incredible, but as the world’s first Healthable hearing aid, it enables users to take a proactive approach to their hearing and wellness with brain and body activity tracking, and more. And our Mask Mode feature helps make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks.

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The Starkey knows that no two ears are alike - which is why it has been the leader in custom hearing aids for 50yrs. These hearing aids fit your unique ear anatomy precisely, delivering comfort & clarity that can't be beat.

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