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Why Do I Struggle to Hear in Noisy Environments?

Updated: May 29

Background noise can be an issue for many people using hearing aids, and there are several reasons why this might occur:

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1. Limited Technology: The most common reason for background noise is the user is not wearing the latest and most advanced hearing aid technology. These give limited performance in busy environments.

2. Noise Reduction Algorithms: Many modern hearing aids have noise reduction algorithms that are designed to suppress background noise. However, these algorithms are limited in basic hearing aids and can sometimes mistakenly suppress speech sounds as well.

3. Hearing Aid Quality: The quality and technology of the hearing aids themselves plays the biggest role. Higher-end hearing aids tend to have more advanced noise reduction features that can help mitigate background noise.

4. Improper Fitting: If your hearing aids are not properly fitted in your ears or adjusted for your specific hearing needs, they might not be effectively isolating the sounds you want to hear from the background noise.

5. Wax or Blockages: Sometimes, wax or debris can accumulate in the microphone or receiver ports of the hearing aids, leading to distorted or noisy sound output.

6. Aging or Malfunctioning Devices: Over time, hearing aids can experience wear and tear, leading to decreased performance. If your hearing aids are old or malfunctioning, they might not effectively filter out background noise.

If you're experiencing excessive background noise with your hearing aids, it's important not to struggle. Struggling to hear can have a significant impact on relationships, self-esteem, enjoyment of life and your cognitive load. The increased cognitive load can reduce mental resources affecting overall cognitive function.

Take care of yourself or your loved ones. Easy access to a good quality local hearing clinic can add significant benefits to quality of life. Aren’t you worth it?

Call us to discuss your specific needs and let us help you tailor the hearing aids' settings to better suit your preferences and quality of hearing. We have qualified Audiologists in all three of our clinics in Chester, Cheadle & Heswall. Call our Head Office on 01244 311142.

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